Philosophy of Ministry

Our philosophy of ministry is shaped by our allegiance to and dependence on the local church. If we are to find direction for ministry in this world, it should come through that which Christ Himself ordained. Jesus told the Apostles that He was going to build the church upon the rock of His headship (Matt. 16:18). For clear direction in ministry, we believe the role of the church has been established to prepare, send, and support those who undertake the various ministries to reach and teach.

We are to be of fortress mentality when it comes to doctrine in order to guard the flock. However, we are not to exhibit a fortress mentality in that we never venture away from the local fold to do work assigned to individual believers.

In all things and at all times we should compare ourselves to Scripture to check our hearts. Good application and activities must be centered in sound doctrine. Paul told Timothy not to get entangled with the enticements of this world (2 Tim. 2:4), but to be ready to preach the Word (4:2) after establishing sound interpretation through study (2:15).

We believe the bible is the revelation of God’s character and attributes and that we should know Him so personally that we can then discover how to conduct ourselves from Scripture. The order is important. When we know Him and conduct ourselves in a glorifying manner, then we can represent Him in ministry (1 Tim. 3:1-7; 1 Pet. 1:22).