Vision Statement

It is our conviction that each believer has a contribution to make in the universal plan of God. First, we believe that we have as primary responsibility the nurture of our spiritual relationship to the Lord in order for us to grow in the faith. Second, as we are to be involved in a local assembly, we are to love one another as manifested in a variety of ways. Third, we should have a desire to take the gospel to the lost, both locally and in foreign countries.

Our God is unique in how He uses unique people to carry out His mission. We believe we are limited only by our lack of commitment, lack of initiative, or lack of prayer. Each of us may participate in some facet of the Lord’s work by that special giftedness given us through the Holy Spirit. When we use what we have been given, faith is strengthened to realize we do not perform out of our own efforts.

Our goal is to encourage anyone who is sensitive to the will of God to pray toward the end of being used in a specialized manner yet in unity with the local church.