When I was first saved, a friend of mine would take me with him to share the gospel.  I found it much easier to witness when I was with someone.   When the Lord called His twelve apostles to minister, He sent them out two by two.   The Lord's did this to fulfill legal and practical reasons common in that day.  Their law said that to establish a truth depended on two witnesses.  Since the ministry of Jesus was new to people because it included both the teaching of the coming Kingdom, it would include the revelation concerning the church, which had never been heard before.  There would be rejection so it was advantageous that they accompany each other for authority and protection.

It is always my pleasure to have volunteers accompany me on mission trips for several reasons.  We can reach more people with the truth of scripture but there is a dynamic that builds among the team members.  We draw closer together emotionally and spiritually.  As we are stretched to do some things of which we did not expect, we encourage one another and minister to one another.

Actually, a mighty army results from a group of volunteers; each of them enlist their own prayer team to take them before the Lord daily.  One thing I always emphasize is; there will be unexpected challenges and changes to our plans.  Therefore, we must undertand the need for flexibility because the challenges may be from Satan but more important is that the Lord has allowed it to happen for a conclusion we may not understand.

This team is qualified and prepared to take the ministry of God's word to Kenya from June 10 to June 26.  We have a full load of opportunities to teach and witness in five churches and five schools.  We will also have a conference at the OBM Headquarters and have the Sunday school and worship service.  There are always those special occasions to minister to the hotel sraff, vendors on the beach, and people around town.  We have a strong sense of the Lord's calling therefore we acknowledge we are a team enlisted by the Spirit and armed by the Lord Jesus.

From right to left; Luke Poston, Zoe Poston, Jerry Poston, Baileigh Poston, Janet Kendrick, Becky Patton, Chris Ryan, and Dallas Turner.  We invite you to take part in the spiritual success of this team by praying for us.

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