We have distributed bibles, study booklets, and food.  We have planted churches and built church buildings.  We have created sister-church relationships with American churches and raised support for pastors.  Support for orphans has been raised for the church associated with our Headquarters.  We are building a road to the Headquarters.  Pastors need to visit church members so we have given motorcycles for them to travel.  The needs are endless and sometimes there are no funds to cover them.  Other restrictions have been the decreased luggage allowance on airplanes to carry items we cannot buy in country. 

It is a privilege to work with the local Goverment Officials, Commissioners, and Chiefs to present simple methods of water purification, how to build and use a solar cooker, and give tips on agriculture.  Because over 2 million children every year die from contaminated water, we are developing an inexpensive home system of water purification.  This is being done in conjunction with a well being dug at the Headquarters.

We cannot overlook certain needs when they are desperate but our main thrust is to provide the spiritual resources of which there is an abundance in America.