Theological Training

We are pleased to have been allowed the privilege to use a curriculum written by Dr. Alvin Low.  It is of seminary quality and is based on a theological seminary degree program.  It is a series of ten courses compiled in such a manner that a qualifed teacher is able to use the material easily and effectively.  The uniqueness of the program is that our objective is to take the courses to the pastors with minimal expense to them.  It is difficult and expensive for pastors to attend seminaries therefore we are making the curriculum available to them through teachers who will meet with the local pastors.  We are preparing teachers who will teach the courses with the result to be that qualified students will become teachers and thus the education can spread exponentially.  We hope to have teachers who will take the teaching to Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Tanzania.  Our first graduates should be qualified in 2008.  Those whom we feel are called and qualified to teach, are encouraged to begin their own classes of the theology curriculum.  Teachers will be funded by the minimal cost of the classes.  Funds only go toward the expenses of the teacher and for the course books.